1. Is the Blood Pressure Monitor imported?

No, Shikon Blood Pressure Monitor is manufactured by us in Kolkata, India. Hence it is a Make In India device.

2. Can the device be operated without batteries?

Yes, Shikon Blood pressure monitor is equipped with USB Port which means that it can be operated by any android charger even if there are no batteries in the device.

3. What does the symbol “IHB” means?

The symbol “IHB” stands for Irregular Heart Beat. It will be displayed along the reading if Irregular Heartbeat is detected during the measurement.

4. What is the size of the arm cuff?

The accessories cuff is M size, for upper-arm circumference 22-36cm use. The cuff is treated as the applied part.

5. What is WHO Blood Pressure Classification?

Standards for assessment of high blood pressure, without regard of age, has been established by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the classification, SYS lower than 100mmHg is considered as hypotension.

1. Is the Digital Thermometer imported?

No, Shikon Digital Thermometer is manufactured by us in Kolkata, India. Hence it is a Make In India device.

2. On what body parts can the digital thermometer be used?

Shikon Digital thermometers can record body temperatures from the mouth, armpit or rectum.

3. How accurate is the thermometer measurements?

Shikon digital thermometer has an accuracy of ±0.1°C at 35.5°C – 42°C or ±0.2°F at 95.9°F – 107.6°F.

4. Does the thermometer has memory function?

Yes, Shikon Digital Thermometer has memory function. Everyone while switching on the device, the last recorded temperature will be displayed.

5. Who can use digital thermometers?

The device can be used by people of all age groups, including children under 8 yrs with adult supervision. It is reusable for both home and clinical use.

1. Is the Non Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer imported?

No, Shikon Non Contact Forehead Thermometer is manufactured by us in Kolkata, India. Hence it is a Make In India device.

2. Does is show both body & surface temperatures?

Yes, the Non Contact Forehead Thermometer shows both body and surface temperatures.

3. How to get an accurate reading?

To get an accurate reading measure at a distance of 1-3 cm from your forehead.

4. Does the thermometer show both Celsius & Fahrenheit?

Yes, the thermometer show readings in both Celsius & Fahrenheit.

1. Why is Morning Walker called an aerobic exerciser that increases oxygen?

During use, the Morning Walker stimulates gangliated nerves, expands capillaries, enhances the ability to inhale oxygen so that it can reach cells located deep in the tissues and between cell boundaries. The aerobic movement increases oxygenation of blood and activates cells. This respiratory oxygen process is the key to increased cell metabolism and improved health.

2. Why does swinging with Morning Walker for 15 minutes have the effect of walking 10000 steps?

Research shows that by the swaying motion of Morning Walker, it can consume the equivalent amount of calories burning oxygen, consumed during one and half hour’s of walking. Since it is used lying down, during exercise, one do not experience any pressure, the body has total support and you feel relaxed. In addition, this is an aerobic exercise performed without getting tired and strained. Thus, by using it for 15 minutes produces the same effect as walking of 10000 steps.

3. Has the efficiency of Morning Walker been verified as a healthcare gadget by any recognized agency?

Yes, its efficiency has been verified by reputed institutions viz. National Institute of Orthopaedically Handicapped etc. It has been tried on over 4000 patients by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, who have got benefits using it. Moreover, Morning Walker has been endorsed by Indian Medical Association who has found it to be a useful substitute for morning walk which can be used safely as an aid for treating the various ailments. Extensive feedback reports have been received from customers using it and getting its benefits.

4. Why do we have to remain lying still for two to three minutes after using Morning Walker?

When the Morning Walker stops, it is highly recommended not to get up immediately because you will have the sense of total collapse from head to toe of the entire body. This is what we call the oxygen- blood circulation. Immediately when the machine stops, you will feel this sensation which produces as much as 60% of the total effect which is even greater than the effect produced during the actual swinging itself.

5. Why did I experience discomfort or a sense of unwell when I initially started using Morning Walker?

Some users may complain of fatigue or feel generalized pain while during initial use of Morning Walker. This is due to the fact that either they are out of shape with very poor body movement or they have not fully recovered from unrelated injuries. But after one has used it for some period of time they will not feel tired at all and in fact forget that they have been using it daily for 15 minutes and getting the effect of 10000 steps. Before using Morning Walker, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the machine and make certain that its use is consistent with any illness you might have. Experiences of users have revealed that they could identify hidden disease within which they never knew about while using the machine. Thus, Morning Walker can be a useful mean to alert you about your health conditions.

6. Does Morning Walker helps to relieve from diseases / ailments and if so, how?

Morning Walker is very useful for people suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, excess weight, spondylitis, arthritis, cardiopulmonary disease etc. Click on the disease to know how Morning Walker brings relief from these diseases and many more:

7. Can I watch TV or chat while swinging with Morning Walker?

For effective results, Morning Walker must be used with eyes closed and full relaxation. Distractions in any form will reduce the effectiveness of the machine.

8. Why should you drink water before and after using Morning Walker?

Before and after using Morning Walker, you must drink water to facilitate removal of circulatory and metabolic waste materials from the body. Removal of waste materials from the body promotes good health.

9. Is there any side effect by using Morning Walker?

Unlike other exercising equipment, you will be happy to know that Morning Walker can be used by men and women of any age, by patients, old aged people and even children since it has no side effect.

While using any exercising gadget, we must observe the three vital characteristics responsible for safe usage i.e. BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART RATE & PULSE RATE. Tests conducted by various medical institutions confirms that by using Morning Walker, there is no change (in extreme cases very minimal change) in the heart rate and pulse rate of the human body. Thereby, it is the only exercising gadget which can be safely used by patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases or even those who have undergone bypass surgery.

1. Is the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter imported?

No, Shikon Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is manufactured by us in Kolkata, India. Hence it is a Make In India device.

2. What should be the normal oxygen level of a human body?

The normal oxygen saturation of arterial blood in human body is 98% and in general should not be lower than 94%.

3. What should be the normal pulse rate of a human body?

Normally, the pulse rate is consistent with the heart rate. In general, pulse rate of every person is 60 to 90 beats per minute.

4. How to turn off the Pulse Oximeter?

The Pulse Oximeter will automatically turn off within 10 secs after removing the finger.

5. Is the Pulse Oximeter waterproof?

Yes, the Pulse Oximeter is waterproof having grade IP22.

1. What are the therapeutic benefits of Walker Massager?

Improved blood circulation, reduction in pain, aches and swelling in lower limbs, enhanced muscles function and de-stressing are some of the key benefits you derive from Walker Massager. It helps to relieve leg cramps, calf pain, backache, carpel tunnel and sport injuries among others.

2. Do I really get the benefit of walking?

Just like regular walks, it boosts your blood circulation making you feel fresh and active throughout the day. You will feel revitalized with a healthy mind-body equilibrium.

3. Can pain and ache be the thing of the past?

One of the main reasons for pain and ache in the lower limbs is inactivity and poor blood circulation. With Therapeutic Walker Massager’s deep massaging therapy, swollen ankles, cold feet and aching legs would become thing of the past.

4. Is Therapeutic Walker Massager scientifically designed?

Yes, Therapeutic Walker Massager is scientifically designed on the proven theory of Late Dr. William F. Fitzgerald’s Zone Therapy whereby applying pressure and stroking certain reflexes, especially the sole of the feet, helps to normalize the function of the specific location or organ of the body.

5. Is Walker Massager really therapeutic?

Walker Massager gives you the combined benefit of walking, massage and pain relief based on the theory of Late Dr. William F. Fitzgerald’s Zone Therapy. According to this therapy, when pressure is applied and stroked on certain reflexes, it helps a specific organ or location to function normally. Since most of the nerve endings are located on the sole, a effective foot massage is the key to reduce stress, induce relaxation, improve circulation, remove impurities, revitalize cells and promote energy to maintain body balance and well-being.

6. Why do I have to remain still for 2 – 5 minutes after use ?

It is highly advised that you should not get up immediately. Remaining still for at least 3 – 5 minutes is necessary because you will feel a generalized sensation after each use of the Walker Massager. This is basically due to oxygen-blood circulation. When the machine stops, you will also feel some itchiness and numbness, which only proves the therapeutic action of the Walker Massager.

7. Why do I feel itchiness / generalized sensation after using Walker Massager?

You will feel itchiness or generalized sensation for sometime after each use of the Walker Massager. This is due to improved circulation, which only shows that the nerve endings are responding to the therapy of the Walker Massager.

8. Is there any side effect caused by using Walker Massager?

Walker Massager is a time-tested product based on ancient therapy of foot reflexology, which is well proven worldwide. The infrared therapy is highly beneficial as also the magnetic waves which help greatly in relieving pain and aches. Moreover, by using Walker Massager there is no change (in extreme cases minimal change) in the vital characteristics of the human body. Hence, patients suffering from cardiovascular disease or those who have undergone bypass surgery can safely use this wonder gadget.